Active Component Suppliers






Aeroflex / Metelics offers a full line of silicon (Si) and gallium arsenide (GaAs), germanium tunnel diodes, HBT amplifiers, resistors, inductors, capacitors, switches, comb generators and integrated devices produced in our Londonderry and Sunnyvale wafer fabrication facilities. Products are available in wafer, chip and packaged form and fit for a variety of commercial, military, and high reliability (hi-rel) communications, electronic warfare (EW) and radar applications. Our Metelics Hi-Rel division in Lawrence, MA, offers JAN-qualified TC zeners and hard glass switching diodes, current regulators, transistors and SCRs.






Custom designed high performance :
Voltage Controlled Oscillators VCO's
Coaxial Resonator Oscillators|
PLL Synthesizers
Non-Ceramic Stripline Filters
YIG replacement Oscillators


RF Components - Low Noise Amplifiers, Driver Amplifiers, Wideband LNA Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, PLL Synthesizers,
Hybrid Up/ Down Converters with PLL, Active Mixers, Power Transistors, Tripler.

CATV Components - CATV LNA,s CATV Power Amplifiers, MCM Tuner, 75 Ohm MMIC's
RF Sub Modules - LNA Modules, Integrated Up/ Down Converters Modules with PLL, Wireless Transceivers, High Power Amplifier,
Wideband Modules

Diodes - Microwave Schottky , Zero Bias Schottky, Microwave Schottky Ring Quads, General Purpose Schottky, Monolithic Schottky Bridge Quads
GaAs Schottky Mixer, PIN, Series PIN Switching Elements, Step Recovery, Abrupt Tuning, Hyperabrupt Tuning Varactors, Microwave Tunnel
Sampling Phase Detector
Capacitors - MIS Chip Capacitors
Transistors - Small Signal Microwave


Lateral RF DMOS Transistor
Vertical RF DMOS Transistor
Vertical RF DMOS Transistor

Linear IC's - Operation Amplifiers, Comparators, Power Supply
Bipolar IC's - Communications / Video
C-MOS LSI - Quartz Crystal Osc, Analog Switching, MCU Peripheral, VFD
Audio - IC 3 D Surround Sound, General Audio, Dolby, SRS, BBE
LCD Controller - Driver Character Type, Segment Type, Bit Map Type
Micro Controller - 4 Bit Tiny Micro Controllers, 4 Bit Micro Controller, 4 Bit Micro Controller with LCD Driver
Motor Controller - Drivers Stepper Motor Controller / Driver
GaAs IC - Amplifiers, Switches and Mixers
Opto Electronic Devices - Photo Diode / Photo Reflector, Infra Red Remote Control Receiver
RF Modules - Modulators and TV Tuners

Voltage Controlled Oscillators
Evaluation Boards
Custom RF Assemblies

Active Components - Active GPS Antennas, Tower Mounted Amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Tiny Slim Repeaters, Personal Repeater,
Frequency Integrated Repeater.

Active Components - Low Noise Amplifiers, High Power Broadband Amplifiers

Memory Integrated Circuits - Flash, SRAM, DRAM, FIFO
RFIC's - Data, Mobile and Satellite Communications
RFID - Reader Systems and Development Kits

Display Driver IC
LED Driver IC
Motor Driver IC
Multimedia Audio IC
Ballast Driver IC
Power IC
Remote Control IC
Encoder/Decoder IC
I/O Expander IC