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Passive Components - High and Lower Power Attenuators, Directional Couplers, Cross Band Couplers, Isolators and Circulators,
Cavity Filter, Cavity Duplexer, Power Dividers, Terminations
Filters and Duplexers - Cavity Duplexers ( LOW PIM ), Cavity Filters ( LOW PIM ), Cavity Triplexer and Muliplexer ( LOW PIM ), LC Filter.
Ceramic Products -
TE Mode Resonators, TEM Mode Resonators, Bandpass Filters ( Discrete / Mono Block ), Patch Antennas.
Ceramic Capacitors - High Capacitance Multi Layer , Pd Electrode Multi Layer ( Class 1 ), Pd Electrode Multi Layer ( Class 2 )
Multi-layer for High Frequency, MELF, Axial Leaded, Disc Capacitors, Medium High Voltage ( Ordinary Type ), Medium High Voltage ( Safety Type ),
US Capacitors, Feed Through
Inductors / Ferrite Products - Wound and Multi Layer Chip Inductors, Multi Layer Ferrite Bead , Multi Layer High Current Ferrite Bead,
Axial Leaded, Leaded Ferrite Beads, Surface Mount High Current, Surface Mount Transformers, Common Mode Chokes, Balun Transformers
Linearity Coils.
Composite / Ceramic Products - SMD EMI Suppression Filters, Leaded EMI Suppression Filter, Capacitive Varistors, Feed through Capacitive Varistors
Ring Varistors and Spark Gaps, Fixed Resistors, NTC Thermistors
Piezo Products - Telephone Receivers ( Voice Quality ), Piezo Electric Sounders / Elements
Ferrite Cores / Magnets - Ferrite Cores for EMI, Ferrite Cores for coils and Transformers, Ferrite Magnets
Modules - RF Power Amplifiers , DC-DC Converters, CCFT Inverters, Battery Protection, Power MOSFET Switches/ I-V Converter, Video Chroma Interface
AM Noise Canceller, Dolby B/C type NR, Electronic Potentiometer
Resonators and LC Filters - UHF Band Resonators, LC Filters and EMI Solutions
Designer Kits All Products

SAW Filters - Surface Mount and Through Hole, IF and RF SAW Filters. Customer designed Filters available.
Features - CTECH provide SAW Filters equivalent to SAWTEK. Low Loss, Sharp Rejection Models available.

RF Filters - Helical Bandpass Filters ( Equivalent to Toko ), Connectorised FIlters.
RF Duplexers - UHF Miniature Duplexers,

Splitter Combiners - Bandpass Power Splitter Combiners

Low Pass Filter, Equalizer, Delay Line, Precision Resistor, Resistor Network, Current Sense Resistor, Chip Capacitor, Chip & High Q Inductor, Pi & T Attenuator, Power Splitter

RF SAW Filters, Crystal filter, IF SAW Filters, Crystal Oscillators, SAW Resonators, VCO, Crystal Resonators, VCTCXO.

Amplifiers, Limiters, Attenuators , Phase Shifters, Detectors, Switches, Frequency Converters, Switch Matrices, Custom Integrated Assemblies, Synthesizers.

Miniature Surface Mount and through hole Crystal Units, Crystal Oscillators and Crystal Filters